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Výroba kordových tkanin
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KORDÁRNA Plus a. s., letecký pohled

The main objective of the HR policy of the Group is to employ motivated and qualified staff who bring added value to the Company in the form of quality work and who have an intention to participate in the creation of a common corporate future.

We pay great attention to our planning and recruitment, to the development and motivation of existing staff and their adaptability, in order to help us to achieve the Company’s objectives and to attract customers and to ensure their retention. We strive to enable each employee to feel happy and successful.

The Top Management of the individual companies is aware that development of the Group is not feasible without having skilled and satisfied employees who are also committed to the goals that the company is seeking to achieve. Stable relationships between the employees are based on the principles of corporate identity, logistics, teamwork and mutual support together with professional development and adequate working and social conditions.

We expect our employees to participate in our development efforts, in achieving our business results, in increasing the productivity and the overall prestige of the Company.

Development of the employees’ skills is implemented in the form of educational activities directed towards expanding the knowledge and the abilities of the staff.

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    Welcome to the Internet presentation of our Company.