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Výroba kordových tkanin
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KORDÁRNA Plus a. s., letecký pohled
  • KORD GROUP constitutes a number of industrial companies that are engaged in the production of technical fibres and fabrics. Its manufacturing plants are located both in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic.
  • Our companies belong amongst the leading global manufacturers in this field; we are also the only integrated European supplier that undertakes the entire production process - from the production of fibre to that of the final fabrics.
  • Our products are used in the automotive, rubber, engineering, mining and construction industries and are marketed in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
  • KORDÁRNA Plus a.s. produces cord fabrics for the leading European tyre manufacturers and also industrial fabrics for conveyor belts.
  • SLOVKORD Plus a.s. produces chemical fibres.
  • KORD GROUP belongs in the portfolio of the JET Investment a.s. group, based in Brno, which was founded in 1997 and its main purpose is to seek out investment opportunities through the market, primarily in medium-sized companies in the areas of manufacturing industry and of real estate.
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  • TEXIPLAST from the portfolio of JET Investment group will be taken over
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    TEXIPLAST from the portfolio of JET Investment group will be taken over by the international industrial fabric leader: Low & Bonar PLC

    We have launched a new website
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    Welcome to the Internet presentation of our Company.